About Us

About Us

Thaitrade.com is an official Thailand B2B E-Marketplace established in 2011 by Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce (MOC) Thailand. The main purpose of Thaitrade.com is to enhance trade opportunity of Thai exporters under the idea of pooling most of Thai export products in one e-marketplace and to be the most effective way for our trade partners from over the world   to find the required products from Thailand.

Thaitrade.com / E-Commerce

Department of International Trade Promotion has run the E-Market platform on Thaitrade.com. Having served as an electronic marketplace for B2B segment since 2011, The site connects Thai sellers, particularly   SMEs, and international buyers. In the 2023, Thaitrade.com has 246,285 members that include 26,789 of which are sellers, while 219,496 are buyers. and more than 10 million visitors worldwide that has been viewing this website since the launch in 2011.

The operating results of Thaitrade.com   have reflected a series of DITP’s endeavors on online trade development. Buying requests have been systematically managed to assist the browsing of items that meet users’ demand and offer the best attributes among goods of similar category. The activity designed to provides support and guidance on members’ business transactions, or Smart Sourcing Service: 3S, was held. Addition, the site connects buyers and sellers via business matching activities held online and offline at trade shows and via walk-in. Results are monitored to ensure smooth transactions between buyers and sellers, ranging from buying to payment settlement. In the year 2023, the number of online business matching via Thaitrade.com from buyer 77 countries. The estimate value that derived through online business matching reached 1,774 million baht. Goods receiving high interest include food and beverage, agriculture, home appliances, automobile & motorcycles, chemicals.

With the ambition to accelerate the competencies of Thai SMEs to achieve comprehensive online commerce, the Smart Online SMEs (S.O.S) of Thaitrade.com revised a nomination for the WSIS Prize 2016 (World Summit of Information Society) in the category of Capacity Building. The nomination was selected by WSIS Forum, which comprises experts and specialists in IT and communication technology from across the world, as the project that benefits the society through the use of IT in the category   that escalates the competitiveness of SMEs that achieved distinct online commerce results. Granted by the United Nations: ITU (International Telecommunication Union), the award recognizes ideas, works of projects that benefit communities, nations or humankind through the use of information or communication technology.

Thaitrade.com SOOK

As changes of online shopping trends never ends, the Department of International Trade Promotion has never ceases to enhance and improve our online marketplace. The Thaitrade.com was uplifted from B2B (business to business) B2B2C (business to business to consumer) in order to facilitate purchases of small lot orders. The Thaitrade.com Small Order OK (Thaitrade.com SOOK) has expanded the scope of online services in   a more comprehensive way, ranging from online payment to delivery. DITP is committed to enable the Thaitrade.com SOOK to fully serve as public services that helps Thai entrepreneurs to sell a small quantity of products internationally via online platform with the aim to answer the need of buyers who might want to try the product before placing a large order at a later time, basing on the development of “ Endless SOOK. We Export Happiness”.

Department of International Trade Promotion.
Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce.
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