Trade with Thailand Begins at DITP

Open Economy

Thailand’s open-economy policy has been responsible for a strong growth in exports in recent years.

The country’s main export markets are the USA, Japan, the European Union and ASEAN, while new markets includeChina, South Asia, Africa and Indochina.

To help increase the value of its exports, Thailand has negotiated free trade agreements with Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand and ASEAN that have resulted in many more opportunities for doing business with Thailand.In addition to being one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations, Thailand has enjoyed rapid economic development over the past two decades. Today the country is a dynamic regional trading, financial, aviation and communications center, with a strong national infrastructure of air, land and sea that affords ready access to regional and world markets. Its vibrant export-led economy reflects its status as a pre-eminent trader to the world

Offshore Investment

Thailand plans to boost its export drive by having the DITP offer various support activities to assist Thai businessmen wishing to expand business abroad-especially in the areas of sourcing.

subcontracting, green field investment, franchising, and licensing. International entrepreneurs interested in any of these areas of business should contact the DITP, which will conduct a search to find a partner to match their needs.


Export Diversity

Because Thai businessmen and manufacturers run their business in different regions across the country.

The Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce has established 5 Regional Trade Promotion Centers. They are located in the North, the Northeast, the East and the South and serve as links to local manufacturers and export with international traders. These 5 regional centers work closely with 62 DITP offices worldwide.

DITP’s Dedicated Services

Trade with Thailand starts at the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, which provides a comprehensive rang of service for Thai exporters and international investors wishing to do business with Thailand

Acting as a one-stop service center, provides trade information and advisory services, match-making link-ups, business networking, statistics on Thai products and manufacturers, as well as helping to find suitable trade partners.

Technology for Quality

Thailand maintains its competitiveness in the world markets by utilizing advanced technology and research to continually improve the quality of its exports and services.

Such technology allows the DITP to provide answer to international enquiries at the touch of a keyboard, instigate teleconferencing around the globe between international buyers and potential Thai partners, and extend support to logistics service providers to facilitate cheaper and faster deliveries of Thai products around the world.

International Activities

“Thai service industries are also in great demand around the world”

Thai service industries are also in great demand around the world. Four key businesses are well established-Thai restaurants, Thai spas, health industry, and international education, while new service industries, such as architectural design, construction, automotive repair, printing, entertainment and other content industries are being developed to meet overseas demand.

Global Network

The DITP currently operates almost 63 offices in 48 major cities around the world, plus 5 regional offices in Thailand.

All welcome enquiries from international buyers, are ready to provide information and advice to make it convenient for visitors to do business with Thailand. The DITP ’s international officers provide one-stop service centers, with general information on Thai trade, products and services, while arranging partnership link-ups through match-making opportunities with Thai businessmen.